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Specialist Program

On a weekly basis, our Centres offer a wide range of Specialist Programs planned and presented by qualified external educators, and are delivered in accordance with the Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework. 


Happy Feet

At Happy Feet Fitness, children are welcomed into an environment where we encourage a growth mindset, an appreciation of health and an active lifestyle. We also provide them with educational content that broadens their horizons and equips them with the confidence they need to navigate through life.


ELLA Program

ELLA is an exciting digital language learning program for preschoolers. It opens up a world of cultural possibilities for children early in life.

Children learn one of thirteen languages using play-based apps called The Polyglots. (A polyglot is someone who is multilingual.) They use the apps on tablet devices at preschool. The apps were designed with help from language, early childhood and technology experts.

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Sport Tots

Sports Tots Multisport encompasses various fun children's sports programs that are designed to improve agility, mobility and focus. The kids enjoy sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, AFL/Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Hockey, Space Ball and Tee-Ball. Kids will learn to be team players, cheer on other children for good efforts and function as an integral part of a team. Browse our multi-sport programs below.

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